How to Join The Gliding Club of WA



1) To begin your flying lessons you have to be a member of the gliding club and the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA)
Gliding club of WA has a number of forms available on our webside Learn to Fly on the bottom of this page.
a) Membership Application Form
b) Medical Details Form

2) When you decide to join, fill this two forms and bring them to the club for further processing
a) We are going to collect this documents from you and there is one more form you have to fill;
b) Gliding Federation of Australia membership form has to be fill on line GFA.

3) The cost of membership is available on the web
a) The General Flying membership cost is; $410.00 (GCWA) and $253.00(GFA). Total of $663.00 per year.
b) Juniors Flying Member cost: $205.00(GCWA) and $126.00 (GFA) Total of 331.00 per year.

FLYING MEMBERSHIP COSTS are made up as follows:
An annual subscription paid to the Club , running from 1st July to 30th June. A full year’s subscription is payable on joining, with a credit towards the following year for those joining part way through the year.

FLYING COSTS involves two separate charges, one to cover “Aero-Tow - launching” and one to cover “ glider hire”.

Aero - tow charges are based on the height to which the glider is towed before release is made.
The average launch height is approximately 2,000 feet above the ground.

Payment of the launch fee is made each day. Other launch methods, when used, are charged at a flat cost per launch

Two alternatives are available

1) “Minute Rate”, that is the rate per minute for the use of the glider from the time of take-off to touch-down.

2) The “Bulk Flying Scheme” where the member pays the sum at the beginning of the financial year and then pays no further glider hire for the remainder of that financial year.

3) The "Bulk Flying Scheme" applies to all club owned and operated gliders other than DG-1000.

4) The “Bulk Flying Scheme” is not available for a trainee pilots.

Members must nominate at the time of joining the club or at the beginning of each financial year, how they wish to pay.

The club attempts to provide flying for its members at as low a cost as possible, consistent with the safe operation of modern gliders. Most of the work involved Club operations are performed by the members. These tasks are many and varied and range from cleaning the club house buildings and grounds to maintaining the aircraft to a safe standard of airworthiness. Many tasks require commonsense only, while others demand special skill and expertise. After a period spent becoming familiar with all the various aspects of gliding operations, members will find opportunities available for developing skills in any of these special fields which interest them.

It is essential new members understand that all Club work is done completely on an honorary basis and all Club officers, such as Committee Members, Instructors, Tow Pilots and Maintenance Technical Personnel, etc., donate their time and expertise voluntarily. They pay the same fees as all other members and therefore expect, in addition to the tasks they undertake, to have the opportunity to enjoy their own personal gliding along with everyone else.
Not all members can donate as much time to the club as they wish. Very occasionally, flying activities may be curtailed because of lack of key personnel available, or some other urgent club work that takes precedence; however, we are a gliding Club and always plan to minimize the effect of non-flying activities on club flying operations.

Joining the Club and paying the fees entitles members to a fair share in the pleasures and disappointments which arise from club activity.
We ask members to fairly consider the total effort that needs to be put in to make the club operate, the effort they personally are able to contribute, and the amount of satisfaction they derive from being part of GCWA.
This information sheet should be retained for your reference and the accompanying forms completed as necessary and forwarded to the Secretary at the above address, or given to any club member at the airfield.
We thank you for your interest in our gliding activities and trust that should you decide to commence gliding you will experience the exhilaration which fascinates thousands of glider pilots throughout Australia.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

Email us now on: to begin flying as early as this weekend!

Or better still if you want to talk to us about how to get started, or about any part of the journey to learn to fly gliders, call now on 0409 683 159 or (0400581132)and talk about starting your aviation experience.


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